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Welcome to our "Before and After" Gallery

Each of these beautiful pieces was made from the actual floral bouquet pictured to the left. We create arrangements in a large variety of frames, glass domes and keepsake boxes. The below examples include designs with invitations, groom's boutonniere and pictures.

Please roll your mouse over each photo to enlarge and see the detail of the piece. For your personalized keepsake, visit our galleries to select the size and style you desire.

Dried Wedding Flowers
Preserved Bridal Bouquet
  Wedding Bouquet Preserved
Bridal Flowers
Square Frame with Invitation and Picture Rectangle Frame with Olympic Medal Ceremony Bouquet from Torino Italy

Preserved Flowers
Preserved Wedding Flowers
  Preserved Bridal Flowers
Freeze Dried Bouquet
Oak Oval with Garden Style Arrangement Metal Oval with Yamaka, Boutonniere and Invitation

Freeze Dried Bridal Bouquet
Floral Preservation
  Preserve Flowers
Preserve Wedding Bouquet
Rectangle Frame with Garden Arrangement and Invitation Metal Oval with Garden Style Arrangement

Framed Wedding Bouquet
Bridal Flowers
  Framed Wedding Bouquet
Frame Wedding Bouquet
Metal Oval with Garden Style Arrangement Metal Oval with Garden Style Arrangement

Save Bridal Flowers
Flower Preservation
Standing Dome with Bouquet

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